sophie hedderwick’s creations made of wellboard

sophie_hedderwick_wave2 KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

“the wave and pop up table” is sophies work with wellboard, premiered at designersblock, revel, milano. the wave is 200cm x 70cm per section and comes with unique clips which can mount the screen at any angle. the pop up table is available in several sizes.


photo: sophie hedderwick

sophie´s new creation “3 shrooms” has generated a great interest and curiosity on wellboard during 100% design in london. she has also been asked to show her new work with wellboard at designersblock during the nec interiors show in jan 2010.

sophie has become a fan of wellboard because “it is very textural, flexible yet strong, and can be formed into many different shapes; it changes appearance when painted and works well as a reflective surface for my light designs; it has endless potential for collaborative design with textiles, lighting, laser cutting.

[…] it appeals to me because it is modular and can be cut up and pieced together in endless configurations.”

sophie hedderwick
84 welch gate
uk-dy12 2ax bedley, worcs.