What makes kraftplex and wellboard so sustainable?

100% Cellulose:

Just like wellboard, kraftplex consists of 100% unbleached cellulose fibers – a renewable, sustainable raw material.

The fibers are obtained from wood from sustainable, FSC-certified tree stands in Scandinavia. The lignin, a natural binder in wood, is removed from the wood in the process. Unfortunately, fibers from paper waste cannot be added during the production of the boards for reasons of stability and shape retention. 

0% Additives:

The cellulose fibers are pressed into sheets using thermal energy. This process interlocks the fibers so strongly that all adhesives and chemical additives can be dispensed with. Thus, our materials are pure natural products. No allergens, no unpleasant or toxic vapors. Kraftplex is therefore also vegan. Another advantage is that kraftplex is also easy on the filter system of your laser cutter, as less deposits are created than with materials that contain adhesives, such as MDF.

Short transport routes:

The raw materials come from Scandinavia. They are processed in Germany and Switzerland. Thus kraftplex and wellboard materials that are produced exclusively on the European continent. Compared to imported materials from overseas, this saves significant amounts of CO2. Despite its strength, it is relatively light and therefore also protects the environment in terms of its transport weight.

A high standard in production does not only include the quality of our materials. The people who make kraftplex receive decent wages and fair working conditions.

Saving resources:

The absence of chemicals is not only particularly advantageous for the processors and end consumers. It has another positive effect: the water we use in production comes from a lake. Since it only comes into contact with cellulose, it can be filtered and recycled afterwards. This means that we use very little water and do not pollute the sewage systems. Of course, we constantly check the safety of this process.

The electricity for our production also comes from hydroelectric power plants, so kraftplex and wellboard are produced with green energy.


If you no longer want to use kraftplex or wellboard, you can dispose of it in a particularly environmentally friendly way: Either you put the material on the compost or give it to the recycling cycle via waste paper. Kraftplex and wellboard are 100% biodegradable.

Other materials such as plywood or MDF also contain wood, but are so heavily contaminated with glue and chemicals that they must not be disposed of with household waste.


Depending on the application, kraftplex can replace a whole range of other materials – from heavily treated wood types such as MDF and plywood to metals and plastics. Kraftplex and wellboard are sustainable, future-proof alternative materials. They help make the planet a little cleaner. Certified according to DIN EN 73-1, kraftplex is classified as harmless for the production of children’s toys. 

Kraftplex is not only a safe material for our environment because of its composition. Processing the shatterproof, laser-friendly material also proves to be easy and frustration-free. That’s why more and more schools, universities and FabLabs are turning to kraftplex as a teaching material. Read our article about the many possible applications for teaching with kraftplex here.