wellboard – the material to wave

wellboard’s corrugated surface and flexibility make it an excellent material for exhibition, shopfitting and interior design. regardless of whether it’s used for the counter or the back wall of the booth, a roll-front cupboard or a screen – wellboard gives the objects an unmistakable face.

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the material

the sustainable wellboard consists of 100 % cellulose with no added adhesives or binders. the different profiles are pressed into the flat base plate using heat and pressure. in spite of its high stability, wellboard is a lightweight material: the different types weigh between 1.25 and 2.7 kg/m².

profile types

the material is available in four different profile types: wellboard minimummedium and maximum have a corrugated profile. they differ in the height and width of the corrugations and in the thickness of the panels. wellboard gamma 300 have a trapeze-shaped profile. as a result of their design, they have flat supporting surfaces which make it easier to glue and screw them to carrier materials and to attach mounting and fixing elements.


wellboard can be handled like wood and can be sawn, drilled, sanded and glued. the surface can be given various colours using varnishes and glazes. in the untreated state, the wooden material falls under fire protection class b2, but impregnation with a flame retardant allows b1 according to din 4102-1 to be achieved.