What is kraftplex?

The kraftplex malleable wood sheet is one of the most popular laser cutter materials. The material is made of 100% pure unbleached cellulose fibers. 

With a density like aluminum sheet and electrical insulation properties like plastic, kraftplex is the sustainable alternative to both materials. 

The unbreakable sheet material can be lasered, engraved and color treated to very fine detail. Three different kraftplex grades offer a wide range of possible applications.

What is wellboard?

Thanks to its corrugated surface and enormous flexibility, the wood-based material wellboard is used in trade show construction, furniture making or store fitting.

Wellboard can be processed like wood and colored with varnishes. Four different corrugated profiles are available.

The boards are supplied in rolled form, which makes transport easy and inexpensive. Wellboard is uncomplicated to handle, making it the ideal material for curved wall cladding and creative interior design.

With wellboard, a timeless and modern look is created in no time.

echtwert-Store. Credit: Carolin Stertz

What makes kraftplex so sustainable?

100% Cellulose

Sustainable soft wood from Scandinavia

0% Additives

Complete absence of adhesives and bleaching or binding agents

Short routes

Production in southern Germany and Switzerland

Saves resources

Water-saving production with electricity from green energy sources


100% biodegradable, disposal via waste paper or compost


Safety confirmed for manufacture of children's toys according to DIN standard

Who are our customers?

Due to the diverse applications of our materials and worldwide shipping, we are fortunate to work with a large number of great people from exciting industries. For a little insight, we have compiled the most frequently represented industries for you.

Model Building
Product design
Interior design
Tradeshow & event
Furniture construction

Projects with kraftplex and wellboard

Our partners among laser manufacturers

Thanks to many years of cooperation, these laser systems are tried and tested in the processing of kraftplex. You can contact the manufacturers directly regarding the optimum settings. 

Processing & Facts

Processing kraftplex
wellboard Types
Processing wellboard
kraftplex for Schools
kraftplex Types

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