photos on wellboard

“we think architectural glass one step further“ is the motto of okalux gmbh, which in the course of its forty-year company history has been one of the international market leaders in the field of the functional, innovative and design-oriented manufacture of insulation glass. this includes the digital printing technology okacolor with which the company prints colors and motifs on glass as desired. this ultramodern technique is capable of photorealistic image reproduction on plastics and other materials too.

as a result of the tried and test print resolution of 600 dpi, the motifs on the wellboard sample surfaces are really something. “they are extremely sharp. i am very happy with the quality“, says okacolor product manager ralf junge. in order to bring out all the brilliance of the four-colour spectrum, he adds, wellboard can first be primed in white. the material is refined to make it scratchproof and can be additionally protected from humidity using a special water-resistant varnish based on polyurethane.

the wellboard samples printed in photographic realism are truly impressive – okacolor opens up completely new opportunities in the design of furniture units or exhibition booths.


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