an exhibition bar made of wellboard medium


in the designing and realization of the exhibition bar, some of the materials used by the in-house musterring innovation center (mic) were blockboard, flexible fuma plywood, heterogeneous pvc floorcovering (expona domestic) and anodized aluminium.

for the front panelling, the designer andreas almstedt decided on the 2.0 mm thick wellboard medium. before installation, the wavy wooden material was treated with dirt-resistant parquet varnish.

the concealed flush-mounted lamps show wellboard in the correct light and give the exhibition stand an innovative and timeless appearance which augments the effect of the material.

the bar was first used during the “internationale musterring partnertage” held in september 2005 and will also be used at the in-house exhibition in rheda-wiedenbrück on 2 and 3 april of this year.

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