sawing experiments with festool tools


on the basis of sawing experiments with wellboard, the research department can recommend the following machines and accessories:

compass saw “trion”
sawing with the compass saw PS 300 EQ-Plus or PSB 300 EQ-Plus allows clean and rational sawing of forms, curves and recesses.
the best results are achieved at full speed and reduction of the pendulum stroke to level 1. festool recommends the compass saw blade Festool S 75/4 FS.

circular hand saw
with the circular hand saw ATF 55 EB-Plus FS, sawing is precise, straight and rational. festool recommends the universal saw blade Z 28 W and speed level 6.

router OF 1010 EBS-set
due to the material, tear-free cutting is only possible to a certain extent using the router. festtool recommends breaking the edges with abrasive, thus removing the burr. The choice of cutting tool depends on the surface aimed at.

for all cutting work, festool recommends the use of a mobile extractor to make work clean and rapid and protect the user from damage to health.

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