Prototyping + shaping matter event 2014

Aart van Bezooyen from Material Stories was with kraftplex at the prototyping and shaping matter event 2014 of the HOWER  industrial design center in belgium.

The Industrial Design Center is an open and experimental knowledge platform between the industry and the industrial design educational program of Howest (University College of West Flanders).
Industrial Design Center supports a multidisciplinary collaboration amongst students, teachers, researchers and companies.

DSC_0006 DSC_0048

During the event, Kraftplex has been used successfully for prototyping.
The combination of different technologies and of the flexible features of the material enabled once again the realisation of new designed products.

Drafts of diverse objects ideas for a bike have been digitalised and realised in the protolab of the HOWEST industrial center with laser cut and engraving (such as umbrella support, i-pod cover …).
Many participants were enthusiastic about kraftplex and the rapidity and simplicity of transforming a 2D draft in a 3D kraftplex product.

You can read and see more of the event under following link: