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kraftplex at think: material exposition at iidex/neocon canada
24-25 september 2009

innovative materials from around the globe make their debut at this year’s iidex/neocon canada show in toronto in an interactive exhibition called “think:material”.
curated by iidex, the exhibition is an experiential, must see playground of inspiration for the materials enthusiast.

the well product kraftplex will be displayed in the think:material display, which is a display dedicated solely to “new” materials not previously exhibited in canada. this dedicated area will showcase product innovation and cutting-edge materials including glass, metals, natural fibres, ceramic, coatings, textiles and polymers.
the premise of the display is to expose architects & designer attendees to a whole new array of resources in materials, components and technology to assist in new product designs and applications.

jim salazar, international materials consultant, representative of well in canada/usa and curator of the event (together with an industry committee) will be present at the show and attend to special request on booth m008.

come to visit and enjoy experiencing new materials!

>>> iidex/neocon website
>>> think: material

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