our electricity is green


of course, strictly speaking electricity does not have a colour. but when others adamantly claim that it is yellow, we can definitely hold against it: our electricity is green! because well gmbh have changed their supplier and will from now on purchase 100 per cent eco-electricity via greenpeace.

an environmentally friendly electricity supply promises maximum climate protection by using renewable energy sources. in addition it fosters actively a “true energy revolution”, as it says on the supplier’s homepage: by building their own photovoltaic, wind, and water power plants the company creates more alternatives to atomic and coal-fired power plants.

changing to eco-electricity has been a consistent step for well gmbh. because our material wellboard is made of 100 per cent cellulose and contains no chemical additives, therfore it is completely bio-degradable. we think the fact that we now use also green electricity makes the most sense from the ecological point of view.

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