a house made of cardboard

in connection with the “international competition on sustainable architecture and design 07”, the cardboard house design by regina höfter was a very convincing proposition. regina hoefter is a swiss student of architectural design at the “akademie der bildenden künste” in munich who stood out from the crowd in fulfilling the aim of the international competition to promote the creative use of sustainable raw materials such as straw, bamboo or paper.


floor and ceiling of the house consist of coated honeycomb panels, hard paper tubes filled with concrete form the individual footings, and the walls and a sliding wall made of wellboard form a flexible ground plan. a common feature of all materials is that they are obtained from unbleached recycled waste paper. besides the environmentally sound manufacture, the construction materials used are characterized by their low weight, thus allowing reasonably priced transport and easy assembly.


the first round of the competition qualified regina hoefter for a workshop which took place in austria from 6.-11.8.2007. after project optimization, which took one week, her design “repaper” was finally granted a special jury award and presented at an exhibition in the context of the european forum alpbach (16.8.-1.9.2007).

we are happy to see that our corrugated wooden material wellboard plays a crucial role in this extremely successful design and congratulate regina hoefter on her special award.


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