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kraftplex in vienna


DIY enthusiasts, creative minds and tinkerers meet in April 2016 at the first Maker Faire Vienna

VIENNA/AUSTRIA – Maker Faire, world’s biggest DIY festival, comes to Austria for the first time in April 2016. From 16th to 17th April DIY enthusiasts, creative minds and tinkerers present their extraordinary ideas at the first Maker Faire Vienna at the Studio Building of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The festival is greeted with enthusiasm by thousands of visitors worldwide and is brought to Vienna for the first time by the Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Sciences (INNOC), Happylab, Microgiants and MAKE Magazin.

Trying out new things, playing with technology, experimenting, tinkering, exploring, inventing: Maker Faire is all in one – a showcase, a community venue, and a knowledge platform. „Touching and trying“ will be to the fore: In addition to a maker exhibition, lectures and workshops will be held that animate the visitors to participate. As a family-friendly festival Maker Faire particularly wants to fascinate kids and teenagers with an extensive hands-on program.