ultra light – super strong


neue werkstoffe für gestalter
a new generation of design materials

“this book presents current developments and research findings, as well as elucidating the connections between material, technology and design. new materials have gained greater importance in almost all product development areas and in architecture, whether they are employed for luminaires, furniture, sport or technical equipment.

moreover, these materials can be used to considerably influence a number of design aspects such as lightweight construction, safety, ecology and comfort to name just a few. metal is knitted, ceramics are injection molded, wood is foamed or welded with plastic using ultrasonic processes, and textiles can regulate temperatures. the materials and technologies showcased here are intended as inspiration; after all, thanks to their special properties they open up totally new avenues for product and building design.” (abstract of the blurb)


nicola stattmann
ultra light – super strong

edition form
paperback, 148 pages

language: english/german
publisher: birkhäuser publishing ltd., switzerland
published: oktober 2003
isbn: 3-7643-2417-1