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We have collected the most frequently asked questions about wellboard here. If you have any further questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us at any time by mail at info@kraftplex.com or call us under +49 511 874 595 63.

General Informations

wellboard consists of a kraftplex base sheet that has been pressed into shape using pressure and heat. 

Therefore, just like kraftplex, wellboard consists of 100% unbleached cellulose fiber. These are obtained from wood from sustainable, FSC-certified tree stands. The lignin, a natural binding agent in wood, is removed from the wood in the process. 

During production, the fibers are interlocked to such an extent that all adhesives and chemical additives can be dispensed with.

The only raw material needed for the production of wellboard is wood. This comes from FSC-certified, sustainable softwood forests in Scandinavia.

The wood for our kraftplex and wellboard panels comes from FSC-certified tree stands in Scandinavia. The raw materials are processed in Germany and Switzerland. Unfortunately, the fibers from waste paper, which are too short, cannot be added to the cellulose fibers for reasons of stability and shape retention. 

In production, we work without the use of chemicals. On the one hand, this is particularly advantageous for the end user. But it also has another positive effect: the water we use in production comes from a lake. Since it only comes into contact with cellulose, it is subsequently filtered and recycled. Of course, we constantly check the harmlessness of this process. The electricity for our production also comes from hydroelectric power plants, so we produce with green energy. 

When you no longer want to use kraftplex or wellboard, you can dispose of it in a particularly environmentally friendly way: either put the material on the compost or dispose of it in the paper waste. kraftplex and wellboard are 100% biodegradable.

You can find more information on the sustainability of our products here.

The material is available in four different profiles:

wellboard minimum, medium and maximum are characterized by a wavy profile. They differ in the wave height and width, as well as the material thickness of the boards.

wellboard gamma 300 has a trapezoidal profile. This creates flat support surfaces, which additionally facilitate bonding and screwing to substrate materials as well as the attachment of mounting and fastening elements.

Detailed information on the four different wellboard types can be found here.

Basically, all profiles from wellboard are true lightweights: The individual profiles weigh only 1.25 to 2.7 kg/m². This means they can be transported in a relaxed manner and easily fastened. 

When loaded perpendicular to the wave, wellboard can bear many times its own weight. The exact technical data and dimensions can be found in the article on our four different wellboard types.

Starter kits of all wellboard profiles are available in the dimensions 200x150cm for testing and building prototypes and for smaller applications.

The standard rolls have the following dimensions:

wellboard minimum: width 200cm, length 440cm, height 4,5mm, thickness 1,0mm

wellboard medium: width 200cm, length 520cm, height 7mm, thickness 2,0mm

wellboard maximum: width 315cm, length 520cm, height 8,5mm, thickness 1,5mm

wellboard gamma: width 200cm, length 530cm, height 4mm, thickness 1,0mm

For all wellboard types you can also order a free hand sample.

As a rule, we ship wellboard as roll goods in the formats specified above and in untreated form. From 100sqm we can gladly make an offer for an individual cut. Tips for cutting and processing wellboard can be found here. If you have any further questions, please send us an e-mail at info@kraftplex.com.


wellboard is used by exhibition stand builders, event designers and stage designers for a wide range of projects. Among other things, it is suitable for displays, counters, seating furniture, room dividers and design elements. Of course, walls can also be covered with wellboard. You can find these and other application examples in our wellboard portfolio.

The material meets all the requirements for sustainable trade fair construction: as a purely natural product, wellboard is completely biodegradable and, unlike many materials, does not emit any unpleasant or harmful vapors. 

With its modern and natural look, wellboard has an inviting effect. The look blends beautifully into both colorful room concepts and elegant designs with muted colors. Applications from past decades illustrate how timeless the appearance of our materials is. 

The rolls in sizes up to 315x520cm are very light and yet stable. With a weight of 1.25 to 2.7 kg/m², they are uncomplicated to handle.

In processing, wellboard can be combined very well with other wood materials. It can therefore also be processed by joineries, which means that adjustments can usually be made easily by the customer or commissioned at low cost.

Untreated, the wood-based material falls into fire protection class B2; B1 can be achieved by impregnation with a fire protection agent. This ensures compliance with DIN4102-B1 for the use of organic building materials at events and trade fairs. The fire protection impregnation must be applied before any painting. If a special fire protection varnish is used, this step is omitted. 

You can find many more tips on processing wellboard here.

wellboard is wonderfully suited for sustainable, high-quality store designs and for window displays. Whether in the clothing sector, food retail, perfumery or gallery area: wellboard creates an inviting atmosphere everywhere.

The material gives you every creative freedom: It can be covered with fabric, painted or varnished, but it also looks great in its untreated form.

Whether as a counter, sales display or complete wall covering – the minimalist yet warm appearance enhances store designs.

Especially users who value sustainability will find wellboard the perfect partner for their individual design concept. The material is completely biodegradable, which means that even short-term use of wellboard is compatible with a green conscience. Here you can read why wellboard is particularly sustainable.

The boards are uncomplicated to attach using a variety of techniques. After impregnation with a fire retardant, wellboard meets the standards of the DIN4102-B1 standard for the use of organic building materials. 

All in all, wellboard is a material that makes your customers’ shopping experiences more beautiful and sustainable in an uncomplicated and safe way. If you have any questions or ideas about store concepts with wellboard, feel free to email us at info@kraftplex.com!

wellboard can be used wonderfully in rooms with a lot of public traffic. Whether in the office, cowork space, yoga studio reception area, hotel lobby or café – wellboard looks modern, inviting and elegant. At the same time, the material has proven to be durable and hard-wearing in all applications. 

The corrugated boards are suitable not only as an element of wall or furniture cladding, but also as a base for counters, room dividers or seating furniture. They can equally take center stage or discreetly complement existing room concepts. 

wellboard can be easily set up, fixed and moved, making it particularly flexible. Even amateur craftsmen have already achieved great results with wellboard. Despite its low dead weight, wellboard can bear many times its own weight when loaded perpendicular to the shaft. Hardly any other material is so characteristic and yet so versatile. 

In processing, wellboard can be combined very well with other wood-based materials. It can therefore also be processed by joineries, which means that adjustments can usually be made easily by the customer or commissioned at low cost. Here you will find our instructions for wellboard processing.

In wet rooms and outdoor areas, however, wellboard reaches its limits. Since the base material kraftplex is absorbent as fiberboard, there is a possibility that the material will warp or swell. For this reason, wellboard should not be used to design rooms in which the material is permanently exposed to a great deal of moisture. It can be protected from fluctuations in humidity by treating the surface with a protective varnish. Suitable products are clear varnishes for exterior use, thick-film varnishes and boat varnishes. 

You can find application examples in our wellboard portfolio and on our Instagram and Facebook social channels.

wellboard can be processed industrially in furniture construction, so that series production is also possible. In the same way, small joineries or design offices can also produce individual one-off pieces from wellboard in smaller runs. In our wellboard portfolio and on our social channels Instagram and Facebook, beautiful application examples are gathered. Whether as seating furniture or a table, as a headboard for the bed, as a front or base for storage furniture – wellboard is enormously versatile and, despite its light weight, enormously resilient and stable when perpendicular to the wave.

In case of an intended serial production with a high purchase quantity, it is advisable to approach us with a little lead time. Please feel free to send us an e-mail at any time to info@kraftplex.com.


wellboard can be processed like wood: it can be sawn, drilled, sanded and glued. Detailed processing instructions for wellboard can be found here. Here you will find all the information you need on everything from correct storage and suitable tools to surface treatment and fire protection.

The surface can be colored as desired with varnishes, glazes, paints, oils and waxes. Since the material is absorbent, it should be blocked off with the help of a blocking varnish before treatment with particularly liquid paints. This prevents the paint from sinking in too much. 

In processing, wellboard can be combined very well with other wood materials. It can therefore also be processed by joineries, which means that adjustments can usually be made easily by the customer or commissioned at low cost. 

Untreated, the wood material falls into fire protection class B2. By impregnating with a fire protection agent, B1 can be achieved. This ensures compliance with DIN4102-B1 for the use of organic building materials at events such as trade fairs. The fire protection impregnation must be applied before the paint. When using a special fire protection varnish, this step is omitted.

The boards can be printed by direct plate printing. Due to the curved surface, however, it is more cost-intensive with wellboard than with kraftplex. We would be happy to assist you in finding an appropriate service provider. Send us an e-mail at info@kraftplex.com.

Untreated wellboard can be cleaned with a dry cloth or a dry cleaning sponge for walls. Dirt can also be removed with an eraser or cleaning clay.

How much weight a piece of furniture made of wellboard can be loaded with always depends on the respective construction. In principle, however, a (relatively) high load perpendicular to the shaft is possible due to the design. 

Due to its absorbency, wellboard is not well suited for wet rooms or outdoor areas. Here it reaches its limits. By treating the surface with boat varnish, a clear varnish for outdoor use or a thick-film varnish, it can be better adapted to fluctuations in humidity.


The minimum purchase quantity for wellboard is one roll. This is either a starter kit with 3sqm or, depending on the type, a standard roll with 8.8 – 16sqm. 

Of course, we would like to give you the opportunity to experiment with wellboard in advance. 

If it is a matter of simply holding wellboard in its various designs in your hand and comparing the different wave profiles, we recommend the free hand sample with the different wellboard types in 10x20cm.

If a larger sample is needed, you can order individual wellboard types in 56x34cm. And if you really want to get started, there is also the wellboard starter kit with the dimensions 200x150cm. We can send the starter kits by parcel service, which reduces the shipping costs. Starter kits are ideal for smaller projects and prototypes.

Shipping usually takes 7-10 days. We are always looking for the cheapest shipping options and determine the best conditions for each order. As a rule, they are around 80 euros for a standard roll by freight forwarding. The Starter-Kit rolls are shipped very cheap by parcel service.
Especially for shipping addresses outside of Germany, there are fluctuations regarding the shipping costs. If you send your order request by mail to info@kraftplex.com, we can provide you with an offer and specify the exact shipping costs in it.

Through the regular store you can order the free hand sample and also the starter kits to the four different wellboard types

Starter kits contain smaller wellboard rolls in the size 200x150cm. These boards are suitable for smaller projects or prototyping. They can be shipped as packages at a low cost. 

The larger rolls are sent to you or your customers by shipping companies. Therefore we have to calculate the transport costs and these rolls are not available in the store. Write us a short mail to info@kraftplex.com and we will send you an offer.