Prototyping + shaping matter event 2014

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Aart van Bezooyen from Material Stories was with kraftplex at the prototyping and shaping matter event 2014 of the HOWER  industrial design center in belgium. The Industrial Design Center is an open and experimental knowledge platform between the industry and the industrial design educational program of Howest (University College of West Flanders). Industrial Design Center supports a multidisciplinary collaboration amongst students, teachers, researchers and companies.   […]

HTW-Berlin´s screw driver vehicle

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Team: Jan Vietze (Professor), Nevin Wolf, Romina Biermann, Sonja Chow, Pablo Lapettina and Julian Weller “It was a pleasure to meet you at the “screw-driver-race” in hildesheim. Your kraftplex material has fascinated us and we have had much fun in experimenting with it. Enclosed we send you some pictures of our finished racing-vehicle and also […]

Laser Cutting Workshop at Lancaster University

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Materials will move on to the next location of one of our partners: Lancaster University in the UK. The subtheme of “Smart processing” will be further investigated through hands on explorations in a masterclass around Lasercutting. Designers and engineers will work with familiar and new materials to experiment with the laser manufacturing technology. Material Sense […]

put in the right light

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students of the university of weimar investigated under the leading of prof. johannes grossmann the effect of coloured light on various surfaces. the experiment has been carried out with four coloured lights (yellow, red, green, blue). the results show that, with its linear, round and even surface, wellboard enables an exciting light-colour structuring. the carton […]

architecture made of paper

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the tokyo architect masahiro chatani, employing origami, the ancient japanese art of paper-folding – and adding cut-paper and pop-up book engineering concepts – has been creating works of “origamic architecture.” more than 100 works by chatani, his colleagues keiko nakazawa and takaaki kihara were shown from may to september 2001 at the american craft museum. […]