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About franzbetz vision

What started out 1987 with “franzbetzdesign”, has by now developed into a pool of creatives and creative network franzbetz vision. Franz Betz, light sculptor, is the person beyond this. Based on the key elements “light and material” he created his three brands kraftplex®, f-io and trafolab®.

kraftplex® is a natural, sustainable wooden sheet for wood craft, trade and industry; f-io teamskulpturen is a sculpture-kit for coaching, team events and city marketing; and – nevertheless the light art laboratory Trafolab®, a place for experiments with light and material and networking. Those together form franzbetz vision.

His art work is documented on www.franzbetz.com.

kraftplex by franzbetz –  sustainable materials

franzbetz hannover distributes sustainable wood materials for fairs and furniture constructions, interior- and product design. With our wooding sheet kraftplex® we aim at innovations in hightech sector as well as in everyday products fields looking for alternativ to plastic. wellboard, our corrugated wooding sheet has already found implementation in theaters, shop-windows, furnitures and museum.

wellboard and kraftplex®, such are the names of the innovativ wooding materials from franzbetz hannover.
Founded in 1991, the company well ausstellungssystem GmbH stqarted distributing both raw materials on cellulose basis under the management of Franz Betz, artist and industry designer.
kraftplex and wellboard consist of 100 % highquality cellulose fibres from sustainably cultivated stocks of softwoods. they are manufactured in a very environmentally sound way and follow a unique production process using nothing but water, pressure and heat without use of binding agents or added adhesives. they are completely biodegradable and emissionfree.

„we want to adress human and environmental interests across many fields of the design practice, from architecture to product design in proposing flexible innovativ and sustainable materials“, so Franz Betz.


The corrugated wellboard can be used easily and with great flexibility for furnitures, fair and shop design. The material emphasizes the natural aesthetics of furniture and wall elements. Its wavy appearance injects motion into strict geometrical forms. Wellboard´s timeless design contributes to innovativ trend-setting atmosphere of exhibitions and booths, inspires unusual solutions in exhibitions. lightweighted but stable, wellboard is the ideal material for variable partitions. „For industrial use and mass production however, wellboard finds only limited apllication“, explains Betz, „its corrugated form makes it difficult to adapt to mass production.“

kraftplex® as alternative

On the other hand, the flexible wooding sheet kraftplex® can easily be used for industrial production processes. „kraftplex®  could replace conventional  plastic and aluminium sheets“, so Franz Betz.  Produced out of soft wood fibres (from canada or scandinavian) without use of any binding agents or added adhesives, kraftplex is completely biodegradable and emissionfree as well as electronicallly isolating. With its density and isolating characteristics, it combines sustainably advantages of both materials, is light, stabil, flexible and durably shapeable like metall sheets and it is thinkable it could substitute them in some applications.

kraftplex® for furniture-, vehicle and tools

The sustainable sheet is so flexible, that 3 D shaping with deep drawing process are easily possible. kraftplex can be machined by processes like 3D deep drawing, cutting by laser and water-jets, drilling, perforating and bonding. The material is paintable/printable and can be covered with varnishes, oils, adhesives or decor films.
In order to test and expand the potential of kraftplex® we made many tests in cooperation with universities, high schools and laser labs. the results: kraftplex® can be easily transformed as well in humid as in dry state and is an optimal material for laser cutting. Workshop participants could quicly develop product prototypes and many labs took kraftplex in small sheet format on stock for their laser cutting machine.  

Because kraftplex is completely biodegradable and emissionfree, it makes it thinkable that a use in innovativ fields like medical or wellness sector would be  welcome. kraftplex® is already used successfully for furniture, vehicle and tools production. „We would like to expand the use of  kraftplex® to additional sectors “, so Franz Betz.


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