FAQ kraftplex

Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions regarding kraftplex. If you have further questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us via mail to info@kraftplex.com or give us a call: +49 511 874 595 63.

kraftplex is being produced in Switzerland and southern Germany.

The raw materials come from sustainably cultivated softwood forests in Scandinavia (FSC-certified).

The classic kraftplex ST is available in the thicknesses of 1,0 mm, 1,5mm and 3,0 mm. On request we can supply you with special productions in 2,0 mm and 4,00 mm. The acronym ST stands for “stiff”. These types of kraftplex have a higher density, are hot pressed and come as a solid sheet material. Their surface is characterized by a fine screen structure.

Our kraftplex CL is available in a thickness of 0,5mm. The acronym “CL” stands for “curve”. This type of kraftplex is more flexible than the ST and is characterized by its even, calendered surface.

The kraftplex ST has two standard formats: 56x34cm and 80x50cm. From overproductions there are other measurements available. Those can be found in our shop under the section remainders. 

In general, formats of up to 630x320cm are possible, because these are the measurements of our raw panels. With an order quantity of at least 5 panels of this size, individual cuttings are possible.

kraftplex ST has a fine screen structure and a colour shade in natural beige. kraftplex CL has an even surface and a colour shade that turns slightly more to a reddish side, when compared with kraftplex ST.

Many products can be designed with kraftplex, from beautiful decorative objects over office supplies, home decor, furniture and lamps. In the fashion sector kraftplex is ideal for sustainable and budget friendly reinforcing material for purses and handbags as well as for labels and jewellery. Because of its stability and isolating qualities, the material is often used for casings and boxes. With its certification after DIN EN 73-1, kraftplex qualifies as harmless for the manufacturing of children's toys, which opens up many application possibilities in this creative market. In our gallery and via our social media channels Instagram and Facebook we have collected many successful applications and inspirations by designers all over the world.

kraftplex is a promising sustainable construction material of the future. Therefore cooperations with schools and universities are very close to our hearts. Special conditions for educational institutions are possible and we are always happy to hear about your project ideas. A short e-mail to info@kraftplex.com is the first step so that we can get to know each other and learn from each other.

FabLabs are open workshops that aim to make special tools and the associated know-how accessible for everybody. Many FabLabs have laser cutters, saws and milling machines. Therefore they are the perfect place to get creative with kraftplex even though you do not have your own workshop (yet) or just wish to connect with other inventive people who live nearby. To find a FabLab in your area, go to www.offene-werkstaetten.org, use their workshop-search (Werkstattsuche) and get in touch.

This kind of feedback is very important to us. Please write us an e-mail to info@kraftplex.com and tell us the model of your laser cutter and your ideal measurements for sheet material. Only with the help of your feedback we can fit our products ideally to your needs.

More and more model builders are discovering kraftplex. Especially in this segment we are receiving a lot of enthusiastic feedback from our customers

In model railway construction kraftplex qualifies as a great material for housing models, but we have also seen trains themselves built out of kraftplex. It has proven to be more resistant to warping and more laser-friendly than the typical cardboard types used for model construction .

Also architectural models and 3D objects can be executed with greater precision, because kraftplex, other than many plywoods, lies flat on the laser cutter and does not need to be fixed. With the proper settings there will be little to no traces of powder. Slightly sticky edges can be cleaned with a standard wet wipe or a damp tissue. Therefore the grinding of the edges becomes unnecessary, which greatly facilitates an exact construction.

There were already very beautiful table decorations, place cards, invitation cards, signs, give-aways, business cards, stencils or accessoires for photo boxes made out of kraftplex. Inspirations can be found on our instagram channel, our facebook page and in our gallery. We are always excited to hear about your event plans. Write us an e-mail to info@kraftplex.com and share your ideas with us.

Yes, kraftplex can be used within serial production. The prices are tiered depending on the purchase quantity. We are looking forward to informing you about our conditions after you send us a short e-mail to info@kraftplex.com. There is a great variety of application possibilities. From design objects to packaging or insulations - kraftplex is extremely versatile and many-sided.

kraftplex can be cut with a saw, a milling machine or a laser cutter.

kraftplex CL can also be cut with a pair of scissors or a carpet knife.

Often our customers use laser technique to process kraftplex. Our customers are very enthusiastic about how comfortable it is to both engrave and cut kraftplex with the help of laser cutters.

Once you have found the right settings, there will be no significant traces of powder or burnt edges. Slightly sticky edges that may appear can be removed with the help of a wet wipe or a damp tissue. Therefore a grinding of the edges becomes unnecessary in most cases. 

The smoke emission during lasering is very low compared to other materials. Because we do not add any chemical additives when making kraftplex, there are no toxic fumes emitting from it. Other materials that rely on added chemicals produce toxic emissions during lasering. Not only your health but also the filter system of your laser cutter profits from you using kraftplex over MDF panels & co. Renewing your filter will be necessary a lot less often with kraftplex.

The surprising stability of kraftplex allows you to cut or engrave extremely delicate structures into the material. Where plywood or cardboard often suffer damage, kraftplex is reliable in its tensile strength and breakage resistance. With the help of certain perforation patterns flexible edges and bends can be executed. With this technique you can create designs for boxes or book covers from one cast.

kraftplex can be brought into 3-dimensional shapes through bending and embossing.

Colours, varnish, oils and waxes for wood materials create colourful and well-protected surfaces. If you aim for varnished surfaces, we recommend treating kraftplex with barrier primer first.

Otherwise you can get creative without limitations. We have already seen beautiful results with chalk paint or effect finishing.

Many motives were already placed on kraftplex via direct printing. Also there are successful products where kraftplex was covered with foils or fabrics.

In outdoor usage kraftplex reaches its own limits. Because of its absorbing capacity the material can swell or warp. It can be protected with the help of a sealing product. A short time outdoor usage is possible. In preparation for that the surface should be sealed with a sealing lacquer or oil (see also surface treatment).

Depending on the application kraftplex can substitute a range of other materials. In general, kraftplex is very eco-friendly. It is fully biodegradable and emission-free. Certified after DIN EN 73-1, it was listed as harmless for the production of children's toys. 

On top of that it consists of renewable resources, in which it differs from metalls, plastics and other synthetic materials. In relation to its strength and stability, kraftplex is a very lightweight material. Considering its transport weight it leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than heavier materials.

Yes, of course! We always look forward to receiving your feedback. But seeing what our clients have created out of kraftplex is what makes us happiest! Feel free to get in touch and tell us about your project. With your allowance we can share it on our website or via our social media channels instagram and facebook. Maybe you even have practical tips that you find relevant for other kraftplex users that we can share? Write us an e-mail to info@kraftplex.com and tell us about your personal experience with kraftplex!

Shipping within Germany usually takes 3-4 business days. In case you wish for express delivery, send us an e-mail to info@kraftplex.com and we will inform you about how quick we can ship our materials to you.

When you order smaller amounts of kraftplex we ship with parcel services. Our shipping costs are orienting towards the prices of DHL. 

Bigger volumes get delivered by shipping companies. In this case the shipping costs calculated by our shop website are guideline values. We are always looking out for the optimal shipping cost option. Because of that it is possible that we can only tell you the definite shipping cost after you have already placed your order. This applies particularly on international deliveries, as the prices may vary significantly from country to country.

Yes, we are happy to provide you with a free sample set. The free sample has the format 10x20cm. The easiest way to get your sample set is ordering it from our shop.