putting kraftplex into shape

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kraftplex offers unprecedented shaping options for designs developed using wooden materials. this is demonstrated by the rubber cushion presses produced by the phoenix company from the netherlands. the presses were mainly developed for the three-dimensional shaping of sheet metal parts. the fact that the kraftplex material, which is made of wood fibre, can be worked […]

furniture miniatures made of kraftplex

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the material is stable but extremely flexible and allows permanent forming like in sheet metal processing. that is why the versatile wooden material kraftplex is perfect to be used in model construction. this is currently being demonstrated at the department of architecture of the university darmstadt. here they are producing – with machine assistance of […]

put in the right light

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students of the university of weimar investigated under the leading of prof. johannes grossmann the effect of coloured light on various surfaces. the experiment has been carried out with four coloured lights (yellow, red, green, blue). the results show that, with its linear, round and even surface, wellboard enables an exciting light-colour structuring. the carton […]

sawing experiments with festool tools

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on the basis of sawing experiments with wellboard, the research department can recommend the following machines and accessories: compass saw “trion” sawing with the compass saw PS 300 EQ-Plus or PSB 300 EQ-Plus allows clean and rational sawing of forms, curves and recesses. the best results are achieved at full speed and reduction of the […]

architecture made of paper

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the tokyo architect masahiro chatani, employing origami, the ancient japanese art of paper-folding – and adding cut-paper and pop-up book engineering concepts – has been creating works of “origamic architecture.” more than 100 works by chatani, his colleagues keiko nakazawa and takaaki kihara were shown from may to september 2001 at the american craft museum. […]