perforated sheets made of kraftplex

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either for shop or interior design, furniture, exhibition or acoustics panels: the products of the company perfonet lochsysteme gmbh provide a large and individual range of divers perforations, formats and materials. wherever an environmental friendly, sustainable and completely biodegradable material is demanded which combines flexibility, stability and lightness, our versatile wooden sheet kraftplex is the […]

furniture miniatures made of kraftplex

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the material is stable but extremely flexible and allows permanent forming like in sheet metal processing. that is why the versatile wooden material kraftplex is perfect to be used in model construction. this is currently being demonstrated at the department of architecture of the university darmstadt. here they are producing – with machine assistance of […]

a house made of cardboard

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in connection with the “international competition on sustainable architecture and design 07”, the cardboard house design by regina höfter was a very convincing proposition. regina hoefter is a swiss student of architectural design at the “akademie der bildenden künste” in munich who stood out from the crowd in fulfilling the aim of the international competition […]

an exhibition bar made of wellboard medium

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in the designing and realization of the exhibition bar, some of the materials used by the in-house musterring innovation center (mic) were blockboard, flexible fuma plywood, heterogeneous pvc floorcovering (expona domestic) and anodized aluminium. for the front panelling, the designer andreas almstedt decided on the 2.0 mm thick wellboard medium. before installation, the wavy wooden […]


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the “wellbox” transport and furniture module the designer anja tiltsch has developed the transport and furniture module “wellbox” for her final year project. “wellbox” is the all-in solution for transport and storage. in the stacked state, it gives you a an individual furniture system, and the carrying straps made of round cord make it easy […]

furniture out of wellboard

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the furniture mr doser designed is reduced to the essentials. it is easy to assemble without using any tools and takes up very little space when being stored or transported. wolf doser töpferstraße 25 d-54290 trier tel.: +49 – 651 – 99329-53 fax: +49 – 651 – 99329-53

bright spots

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“seeing the universe through multi-colored glass” is the motto of the new lamp series by david bergman. the lamps give the impression of being very light and handsome. they are made of polycarbonate with stripes of recycled glass. colors and layout of stripes are customized for each order. the fluorescent tube is fixed to a […]